A not-for-profit professional society providing education in the uses of hypnosis in clinical practice


2nd NYSCH Focus Group

PLEASE, let us know the best days and times that would work for you meet on ZOOM.


Dear Colleagues,

This is an unprecedented time in our history with our population emotionally in need of our services.

We are unique in being able to ease much of the pain being presently experienced.

The New York Society of Clinical Hypnosis was founded in 1974. Now, we are in a new era of providing patients with our services via ZOOM or programs similar, for the time being.

Again, I would like you to please consider becoming involved in a NYSCH FOCUS group in order for us to continue to provide training to eligible professionals in the use of hypnosis in clinical settings.


Let’s work together to once again make NYSCH a prominent teaching society.

Let’s offer each other suggestions as to what is perceived at present to be needed by our Society.

Would you want to participate in a question and answer session about CLINICAL HYPNOSIS TODAY?


*Please contact me with days and time that would you be available to participate in the new NYSCH focus group.

Let’s meet and share with each other.



Dr. Marlene Levy   

President: NYSCH.ORG

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516-944-38851st NYSCH Focus Group follow up.









November 30, 2020

7:00 pm


Dear Colleagues:


As we have not presented our usual program to you this year, we are offering to you a time/day in order for you to share your thoughts on how we can be of benefit to you and your practices.


Please, join us during this 40 minute time to:

1-Offer your views on what you would like NYSCH to offer you in the coming year!

2- What courses have been most beneficial to your practices?

3-If and how you have been practicing during the past 9 months?

4-Meet colleagues in this the first of many focus groups which will be offered as we develop our future courses.

5-The opportunity to JOIN [with a State Licensed Master’s degree [or student in such a program] in a Health Care profession ], the NYSCH Board of Directors or member-at-large position.


Dr. Marlene Levy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

DATE: Monday, November 30, 2020



Meeting ID: 631 673 7463           Passcode: 3fFYhu