Become an NYSCH Member

Benefits of Membership

• Cost: $100 per year for licensed professionals
                  [$55 for qualifying students]
• Four two-hour training courses per year
                  [total of 8 ASCH credits]
• Peer Consultation
• Public Education
• Networking
• Referrals

Membership Form

Eligibility Requirements

NYSCH consists of members qualified under the guidelines of ASCH as well as those in the health professions who are duly licensed to practice their profession and have at least the lowest academic degree consistent with licensure in the State of New York.

Full Members

a) Individuals holding doctorates in Medicine, Dentistry, Podiatry, Chiropractic, Psychology or Education (with psychology or counseling as the major field of study);
b) Individuals holding a masters level degree in Nursing, Social Work, Speech-Language Pathology, Mental Health Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychoanalysis, or Art Therapy who are duly licensed to practice that profession in the State of New York;
c) Individuals having completed 20 hours of ASCH approved training in hypnosis.

Associate Members

a) Individuals who meet all of the criteria listed for full membership above but do not have 20 hours of approved training in hypnosis.
b) Participants who complete 10 of our 2 hour lecture/workshops for a total of 20 hours will automatically receive one year of non-voting free membership in our society.

Student Members

Individuals actively enrolled in an accredited institution in a program leading to a degree that would make them eligible for full membership.